Program development and accreditation

I worked with a curriculum development team at the University of the Sunshine Coast to gain accreditation and implement the Bachelor of Midwifery (2017) and the Bachelor of Midwifery Honours (2017). As Discipline Lead of Midwifery I continue to support the ongoing development of programs and ensure accreditation requirements and reporting are undertaken.

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Courses coordination and teaching

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Feedback on teaching

I maintain high student feedback scores via eVALU8. Below is a selection of recent anonymous feedback from students:

The content for this course is fantastic! Very well curated and high quality resources. This course has robust content and is easy to consume. The assignments in this course were engaging and appropriate, with personalised tasks that ensure deep reflection and learning. The learning outcomes are clear and easily achieved with the consumption of the resources. – HLT122 Developing Midwifery 2020 (online due to Covid-19)

Once again, an excellent course delivered by Rachel Reed, thank you. Lots of in depth learning and discussion with good quality online content that supported HLT123 and placement. – HLT122 Developing Midwifery 2019

This course is the most wonderful course that I have engaged in so far. The way that blackboard was set up was spectacular and by far the easiest to use of all of my courses. The learning materials were of the highest possible quality and were compiled in an easy format for use. The content was delivered in an engaging and comprehensive way. I loved this course! – HLT121 Midwifery Foundations 2019

I appreciated the content, quality and dynamic nature of this course. The facilitators enthusiasm and knowledge were a great asset to some challenging content. I wish all of my courses were this engaging, enriching and enthralling. – HLT121 Midwifery Foundations 2019

Rachel is an amazing teacher. She makes the course content engaging and fun. I love that it is both evidence based and woman centred, and the way Rachel encourages us to think critically. I thought the learning materials were appropriate, both amount and content, challenging but manageable and interesting. I love the open discussions in class. I can’t think of anything to change (except maybe to have Rachel teach all our classes?) – HLT203 Advancing Midwifery 2018

I always love Rachel’s classes. Information is always up to date, evidence based but also very woman centred. Rachel is always willing to help with assessments and answer emails right before the submission hour. Love the content and teaching style. I feel like I am developing my own thinking and ways I would like to carry out my practice in her classes. – HLT203 Advancing Midwifery 2018

Rachel’s classes are always my favourite! I just love how every week we have discussions that allow us to think for ourselves where we stand with issues within birth culture and how we would go about addressing them. This class has really developed my midwifery beliefs and how I’d like to practice professionally. – HLT122 Developing Midwifery 2018